In 1989 we began confirming repeater data yearly with this "Statement Of Record". The SOR lets OARC know if repeater pairs continue to be used and also allows repeater Trustees to update information for the ARRL Repeater Directory. If you did not return a SOR in 2016, you MUST this year. Not returning the SOR for two years will give OARC the feeling that your pair is "NOT IN USE". This could lead to termination action to allow another amateur the opportunity to use the vacant pair. If you are no longer the Trustee, please return the SOR indicating this and the callsign of the current trustee if known.

Notice! - Please read.

We have changed the process this year to protect your data. In the past, anyone could lookup a repeater and access private information about a system. We now require two pieces of information which protects the data. A reminder card was mailed (Saturday, Nov. 25th) to each trustee that contains their individual trustee ID. That ID will be required to access a trustee's records, and only that trustee's records.

In the boxes below, enter YOUR callsign (not the repeater callsign) and the Trustee ID you received on your reminder card (located next to your callsign). When you click the "Get List" button, it will retrieve a list of all repeaters that are associated with you as the trustee. Follow the instructions on that page to process a Statement of Record for each repeater. If a repeater is missing, or a repeater is listed that you are no longer the trustee, please contact OARC by email.

Mark any corrections on the form and mail it to the OARC Secretary as instructed at the bottom of the page by January 12, 2018.

Thank you. Keeping this information up to date is essential to protecting your coordination.

2018 Statement of Record

Enter YOUR Callsign and Trustee ID in the boxes below, then click "Get List"

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