Checks not clearing

The Ohio Area Repeater Council has been understaffed for several years now, and that situation was compounded by COVID.
We tried to find some help, but bringing new people up to speed generally requires some extra attention we couldn't provide.
A large batch of checks were processed, stamped for deposit, put in an envelope and then put in a drawer without being deposited.
We took the batch of checks to the bank and were told they were too far past the date of issue. If we processed them, they would
likely bounce and generate a $40 fee for each returned check. A no win situtation.

We have not received ANY notices of ANY foul play regarding checks. If you submitted a check, you were credited with having paid dues
and your check was marked void. They will be shredded in our next batch of secure shredding. We have a new person taking care of the
checks now and I am confident things will go much smoother. Please do not try to make up old dues, there is no need.

We appreciate your understanding and patience.


Kevin Walsh, W8KHW

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